Pierre Faivre - profile / player stats

Pierre Faivre - profile / player stats

Pierre Faivre
Name: Pierre Faivre
Country: France
Birthdate: 12.02.96, 25 years
ATP ranking: 888
TOP ranking's position: 813 (02.10.17, 21 points)
Points: 14
Prize money: 21654 $
Matches total: 229
Win: 129
%: 56.33 %
yearsummaryHardClayI. hardCarpetGrassAcrylic
perc. %56.33 %45.45 %55.56 %59.04 %0 %0 %0 %
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Pierre Faivre / last 50 matches

21.04.211st roundDan AddedPierre Faivre3-6, 6-3, 6-3 lostmatch detailsFrance M25 Angers Clay
19.04.21qual.Pierre FaivreFabian Fallert6-2, 6-1 winmatch details
15.03.21qual.Oscar MoraingPierre Faivre6-3, 6-2 lostmatch detailsFrance M15 Poitiers I. hard
14.03.21q 1Pierre FaivreAdrien Gobat6-3, 6-4 winmatch details
08.02.21qual.Benjamin PietriPierre Faivre6-3, 6-1 lostmatch detailsTunisia M15 Monastir Hard
07.02.21q 2Pierre FaivreJip Van Assendelft7-5, 6-2 winmatch details
05.02.211/4Tom Kocevar-DesmanPierre Faivre7-66, 6-3 lostmatch detailsTunisia M15 Monastir Hard
04.02.212nd roundPierre FaivreLaurent Lokoli5-7, 7-65, 6-1 winmatch details
02.02.211st roundPierre FaivreGauthier Onclin6-3, 6-4 winmatch details
24.09.201st roundMaxime ChazalPierre Faivre6-2, 6-3 lostmatch details All Lower Clay
15.09.201st roundCalvin HemeryPierre Faivre7-64, 6-3 lostmatch details
15.09.201st roundJules MariePierre Faivre6-1, 6-1 lostmatch details
14.09.201st roundPierre FaivreSanjar Fayziev0-6, 6-1, 10-6 winmatch details
13.09.201st roundAziz DougazPierre Faivre6-4, 6-2 lostmatch details
23.07.201st roundPierre FaivreLouis Tessa7-64, 3-6, 15-13 winmatch details
10.07.201st roundQuentin HalysPierre Faivre6-4, 6-2 lostmatch details
07.07.201st roundQuentin Robert (1994)Pierre Faivre7-5, 2-6, 10-8 lostmatch details
06.07.201st roundThomas LaurentPierre Faivre6-3, 6-4 lostmatch details
24.06.201st roundMatteo MartineauPierre Faivre5-7, 6-4, 10-7 lostmatch details
23.06.201st roundDan AddedPierre Faivre6-1, 6-3 lostmatch details
12.03.202nd roundPierre FaivreAlexis Musialek6-3, 6-5 winmatch detailsFrance M15 Toulouse I. hard
11.03.201st roundPierre FaivreNicolas Tepmahc7-5, 6-2 winmatch details
12.02.201st roundAntoine Cornut-ChauvincPierre Faivre6-4, 6-4 lostmatch detailsFrance M15 Grenoble I. hard
10.02.20qual.Pierre FaivreDominik Boehler6-3, 6-2 winmatch details
09.02.20q 1Pierre FaivreArthur Bouquier6-4, 6-1 winmatch details
20.01.20q 2Pierre FaivreAlexis Boureau6-3, 6-4 winmatch detailsFrance M15+H Bressuire I. hard
20.01.20qual.Hugo PierrePierre Faivre7-5, 6-4 lostmatch details
15.09.19q 1Clement ChidekhPierre Faivre6-74, 6-3, 10-4 lostmatch detailsFrance M25+H Plaisir I. hard
09.09.19qual.Sam TaylorPierre Faivre7-63, 6-73, 10-4 lostmatch detailsFrance M25+H Mulhouse I. hard
08.09.19q 1Pierre FaivreLoic Namigandet Tenguere6-2, 6-2 winmatch details
05.09.192nd roundHendrik JebensPierre Faivre6-4, 6-4 lostmatch detailsFrance M25 Bagneres Hard
03.09.191st roundPierre FaivreMaxence Broville6-1, 6-4 winmatch details
26.07.191/4Jules OkalaPierre Faivre6-1, 6-1 lostmatch detailsFrance M25 Troyes Clay
25.07.192nd roundPierre FaivrePaul Valsecchi6-0, 3-0, Paul Valsecchi - retiredwinmatch details
24.07.191st roundPierre FaivreSamuel Brosset7-65, 6-3 winmatch details
23.07.19qual.Pierre FaivreLouis Lechevretel6-0, 6-4 winmatch details
22.07.19q 1Pierre FaivreMaxence Beauge7-5, 6-1 winmatch details
16.07.191st roundSebastien BoltzPierre Faivre6-75, 6-2, 7-5 lostmatch detailsFrance M15 Uriage Clay
05.07.191/4Maxime HamouPierre Faivre6-2, 6-1 lostmatch detailsFrance M25 Bourg Clay
04.07.192nd roundPierre FaivreNicolas Tepmahc6-2, 7-65 winmatch details
02.07.191st roundPierre FaivreMatteo Martineau4-6, 7-63, 6-3 winmatch details
25.06.19qual.Benjamin PietriPierre Faivre6-1, 2-6, 10-5 lostmatch detailsFrance M25 Montauban Clay
24.06.19q 1Pierre FaivreRayane Stable4-6, 6-4, 10-7 winmatch details
10.06.19q 1Juan Ignacio AlcaldePierre Faivre7-65, 6-3 lostmatch detailsTunisia M15 Tabarka Clay
24.05.191/4Juan Pablo FicovichPierre Faivre4-6, 6-3, 6-4 lostmatch detailsBosnia and Herzeg. M15 Brcko Clay
23.05.192nd roundPierre FaivreDuje Ajdukovic6-3, 6-2 winmatch details
22.05.191st roundPierre FaivreOscar Jose Gutierrez7-5, 7-5 winmatch details
21.05.19qual.Pierre FaivreRuslan Khunarikov6-2, 6-0 winmatch details
20.05.19q 1Pierre FaivreObrad Markovski6-4, 6-1 winmatch details
16.05.192nd roundChristopher O'ConnellPierre Faivre7-5, 6-1 lostmatch detailsBosnia and Herzeg. M25 Doboj Clay