Ze Zhang - profile / player stats

Ze Zhang - profile / player stats

Ze Zhang
Name: Ze Zhang
Country: China
Birthdate: 04.07.90, 28 years
ATP ranking: 225
TOP ranking's position: 148 (27.05.13, 348 points)
Points: 245
Prize money: 792767 $
Matches total: 590
Win: 347
%: 58.81 %

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Ze Zhang / last 50 matches

13.11.181st roundYuta ShimizuZe Zhang6-1, 7-5 lostmatch detailsJapan Kobe Challenger I. hard
02.11.181/4Aleksandr NedovesovZe Zhang7-63, 7-64 lostmatch detailsChina Shenzhen Challenger Hard
01.11.182nd roundZe ZhangLiam Broady6-4, 1-6, 6-1 winmatch details
30.10.181st roundZe ZhangRadu Albot6-4, 4-6, 6-2 winmatch details
24.10.182nd roundThomas FabbianoZe Zhang6-4, 6-1 lostmatch detailsChina Liuzhou Challenger Hard
23.10.181st roundZe ZhangFajing Sun6-4, 6-3 winmatch details
16.10.181st roundRigele TeZe Zhang6-1, 6-2 lostmatch detailsChina Ningboo Challenger Hard
09.10.181st roundDaniil MedvedevZe Zhang3-6, 7-67, 6-4 lostmatch detailsChina Shanghai Hard
11.09.181st roundAlexander BublikZe Zhang6-3, 5-7, 6-4 lostmatch detailsChina Shanghai Challenger Hard
04.09.181st roundDuckhee LeeZe Zhang6-3, 5-7, 6-0 lostmatch detailsChina Zhangjiagang Challenger Hard
10.08.181/4Zihao XiaZe Zhang5-4, Ze Zhang - retiredlostmatch detailsChina Jinan Challenger Hard
09.08.182nd roundZe ZhangYusuke Takahashi6-4, 6-3 winmatch details
07.08.181st roundZe ZhangHiroki Moriya6-3, 6-4 winmatch details
05.08.18finZe ZhangHenri Laaksonen2-6, 5-2, Henri Laaksonen - retiredwinmatch detailsChina Chengdu Challenger Hard
04.08.181/2Ze ZhangAkira Santillan6-4, 7-66 winmatch details
03.08.181/4Ze ZhangTatsuma Ito6-4, 3-0, Tatsuma Ito - retiredwinmatch details
01.08.182nd roundZe ZhangAlexander Bublik4-6, 6-4, 6-2 winmatch details
31.07.181st roundZe ZhangDi Wu7-5, 6-2 winmatch details
10.07.181st roundCorentin MoutetZe Zhang6-2, 6-4 lostmatch detailsSweden Bastad Challenger Clay
04.07.181st roundSalvatore CarusoZe Zhang6-4, 3-6, 7-5 lostmatch detailsItaly Recanati Challenger Hard
18.05.181/4Yosuke WatanukiZe Zhang4-6, 6-4, 6-1 lostmatch detailsRepublic of Korea Busan Challenger Hard
17.05.182nd roundZe ZhangYuki Bhambri6-4, 6-3 winmatch details
15.05.181st roundZe ZhangDayne Kelly6-1, 6-4 winmatch details
08.05.181st roundMackenzie McdonaldZe Zhang7-64, 7-65 lostmatch detailsRepublic of Korea Gimcheon Challenger Hard
01.05.181st roundJason Murray KublerZe Zhang6-1, 6-1 lostmatch detailsRepublic of Korea Seoul Challenger Hard
24.04.181st roundCalvin HemeryZe Zhang7-65, 6-3 lostmatch detailsChina Anning Challenger Clay
17.04.181st roundSasi Kumar MukundZe Zhang6-4, 6-4 lostmatch detailsChina Nanchang Challenger Clay
06.04.18Ze ZhangSumit Nagal6-4, 6-1 winmatch detailsChina Davis Cup Hard
22.03.182nd roundIlya IvashkaZe Zhang6-3, 3-6, 6-3 lostmatch detailsChina Qujing Challenger Hard
20.03.181st roundZe ZhangLuke Saville7-5, 7-64 winmatch details
18.03.18finIlya IvashkaZe Zhang6-4, 6-2 lostmatch detailsChina Shenzhen Challenger Hard
17.03.181/2Ze ZhangHubert Hurkacz7-611, 2-6, 6-2 winmatch details
16.03.181/4Ze ZhangViktor Galovic6-4, 6-76, 6-3 winmatch details
15.03.182nd roundZe ZhangOscar Otte6-1, 7-5 winmatch details
13.03.181st roundZe ZhangJaume Antoni Munar Clar3-6, 6-4, 6-2 winmatch details
05.03.181st roundJason JungZe Zhang6-0, 6-3 lostmatch detailsChina Zhuhai Challenger Hard
26.02.181st roundDi WuZe Zhang6-4, 7-65 lostmatch detailsJapan Yokohama Challenger Hard
20.02.181st roundBrydan KleinZe Zhang6-3, 3-6, 7-65 lostmatch detailsJapan Kyoto Challenger Carpet
02.02.18Ze ZhangMichael Venus5-7, 6-1, 6-2 winmatch detailsChina Davis Cup I. hard
10.01.18q 1Duckhee LeeZe Zhang6-3, 3-6, 6-3 lostmatch detailsAustralia Melbourne Hard
05.01.181/4Mats MoraingZe Zhang Ze Zhang - walk over lostmatch detailsThailand Bangkok Challenger Hard
04.01.182nd roundZe ZhangMohamed Safwat6-0, 6-1 winmatch details
02.01.181st roundZe ZhangWishaya Trongcharoenchaikul6-3, 6-4 winmatch details
01.12.171/4Zhizhen ZhangZe Zhang Ze Zhang - walk over lostmatch detailsChina Australian Open Hard
30.11.171st roundZe ZhangWishaya Trongcharoenchaikul7-5, 6-4 winmatch details
09.11.172nd roundAlex BoltZe Zhang7-5, 2-6, 6-2 lostmatch detailsJapan Kobe Challenger I. hard
08.11.171st roundZe ZhangTaro Daniel7-5, 6-1 winmatch details
28.10.171/2Miomir KecmanovicZe Zhang7-61, 6-3 lostmatch detailsChina Suzhou Challenger Hard
27.10.171/4Ze ZhangThiago Moura Monteiro6-4, 6-3 winmatch details
25.10.172nd roundZe ZhangDanilo Petrovic5-7, 6-4, 6-2 winmatch details